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Friends only

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to remind you all to make your entries to this community "friends only." The reason for this is that we are coming from lots of different places and lots of different schools, and we want to be able to chat about our schools while feeling safe. I don't want just anyone on the internet knowing where we are...

It's easy to make your posts friends only. When you are on the "update journal" page, there are some pull down menus (depending on what format your Livejournal page is, it may be in different places than other peoples' - on mine they're at the bottom of the page). The menu you want to use says "Security" next to it. Select "friends" from the menu.

Remember, you have to be logged in Livejournal while viewing the community to see the entries that have been made friends only.

Thanks, guys!!!

(P.S. I made this entry public so that those who don't know you have to be logged in to view "friends only" posts will see my request. From now on, I am going to make all my posts here friends only. Please do the same!)
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