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A thought

A thought just occured to me - maybe I should post her message on here. Here's what she said:

"When you mentioned coming to Canada I thought you said that you were
interested in attending school while working at the school at the same time.
Did I misunderstand?
The reason I am enquiring about this is that your plan impacts the direction
that this takes.
To clarify -- staff that are hired by Sudbury model schools are critical to
how the school works both in the mechanics and according to the educational
philosophy. The staff need to bring a number of things to the school which
include life experience, being a role model for responsible decision-making,
modeling life long learning, and enriching the school community with their
own interests and experiences.
Since you have just graduated from school I am not certain that you have the
life experience necessary to become a full-time staff member. Perhaps if you
intend to pursue a particular interest or continue your education here at
the same time we may consider you as a part time staff member. I guess we
need to better understand what your intentions are and get to know you
better as far as what you will bring to our school community."

So, I guess I need to show her that I can make responsible decisions, can be a role model, life long learning, all that stuff.

OK I'm going to bed now. G'night.
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