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This is a community for those involved in Sudbury Schools, that would be students, staff, trustees, alumnis, prospective families, etc. It is a place to meet and chat about everything having to do with Sudbury schooling, schooling in general, and why you've chosen the Sudbury model. Of course, you may talk about off topic stuff also, but please don't go *too* off topic.

Some other general rules:

1. If you are posting a picture or a reallyyyy long entry (such as an article), please put it behind an LJ cut. Don't know what that is? Visit here!
2. Please do not talk about nonsense, just keep it on the topic, and talk about things that are going to generate discussion.
3. Please be nice, don't bash each other, keep the discussion respectful, etc. If I see fit to ban you, I will, because Sudbury schools are supposed to be about respect...
4. AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: When you post, please make your posts "friends-only." I want to make sure that everyone's identities are kept within the community so that everyone is safe. Joining this community will be moderated by me, because I don't want creepy psychos wandering in.

And that's it! Thanks!