Free the West Memphis 3! (die_fledermaus) wrote in sudburyschools,
Free the West Memphis 3!

Changes to community

So, someone mentioned that the community should be less moderated. I thought long and hard about it, and I think that person is right, for the most part. I was asking people to make posts friends only, so that people had their privacy and their personal information wouldn't be floating around the internet, but...I'm getting rid of that rule, mostly because I realized that I wanted prospective parents who are interested in the Sudbury model to be able to join and read about it on this community, and that may not be possible if all the posts are friends only. So, from now on, don't worry about that. Just as a general guideline, though, use your best judgment, don't mention phone numbers or private information, etc. But you all know that, you're all big kids, I'm sure. ^_~
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