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Yakkety yak, don't go back...

(Isn't how that old doo wop-y song goes?)

Chelsea, who is really bored (justjournal) replied to your LiveJournal post
in which you said:

> Hey all. It's Vivi aka wolfwoodglomper. I changed my user name 'cuz I was
> bored of the one I had before. I had to make a whole new journal. It was
> either that or pay $15 for a new user name with the same journal. Let me
> tell you, though, updating all my friends and settings and stuff from
> wolfwoodglomper was annoying.


Their reply was:

Like what?

Hmmm...Good question...

How is everyone's summer going? When do you start school again?

I guess I'll say my piece. I actually went to school this summer semester, though that's not that unusual since I'm in college. ^_~ I took philosophy and guitar...Believe me, it was kind of annoying going to school during the summer. But it wasn't *too* bad because I was taking philo online. An interesting experiene to say the least.

Let's see...There was a lot of stress going on lately at home, with me and my boyfriend. But it looks like those things are pretty much figured out. And other than that, I'm going into the mountains later this week for a few days for a pagan retreat. I'm really, really, really excited. I get to get away from here and relax in the woods with a bunch of crazy pagans. Woohoo!

Oh, and I got a new job. I've been doing data entry since last November and it SUCKS. And now they're opening Whole Foods stores all over the place in Denver, so I decided to apply to one, shortly after I realized I want to go to into environmental studies...I think that's actually what got me my job, because it showed I cared about supporting the business. Anyway, I got a job, and they're starting me at $9.25 an hour...Not great, but better than what they said they would start me at originally, which was $8.75! So I'm feeling pretty good about that. I have to get good shoes, though, 'cuz I'll be standing a lot.

OK that's it from me. What about you guys???
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