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My Sudbury Space

Dear Sudbury friends,

As an alum and a staff member of Alpine Valley School, we've taken it upon ourselves to set up a MySpace group for all students, alumni, and staff of Sudbury schools. We would like your help in letting as many people as possible know about this new group. Feel free to forward this email and/or post the attached flyer at your school.

The MySudburySpace group is intended to allow for the sorts of conversations we all enjoy at our individual Sudbury schools, only on a much larger scale. To join, a person simply needs to have or set up a MySpace account, and send an email to the moderators at with their name, the name of their school, their status (student, alum, staff) and years of enrollment/employment there.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We very much appreciate any help you can offer in spreading the word about MySudburySpace.


Vivi Reich-Henbest (Alpine Valley, 2000-2004) & Bruce Smith (Alpine Valley, 1998-present)
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